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The Luzier Story

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Create something or do something which benefits others by contributing to their welfare—their progress,health, happiness, security and comfort. Thos. Luzier

Founded in 1923, Luzier Personalized Cosmetics is a Skin Care, Body Care, Makeup, Fragrance and Hair Care manufacturer and retailer located in the Greater Kansas City area.

Throughout Luzier’s long and successful history, we have been passionate about helping all women transform their lives with beautiful skin. Along with the obvious physical rewards of a beautiful, healthy-looking complexion, the mental rewards of self confidence, pride and happiness are the true rewards of caring for yourself. Since the turn of the century, our success has been based on a core philosophy of not just selling jars of cremes and lotions but of truly helping others look and feel good!

Massage is the cornerstone of Luzier skin care and of a lifetime of looking and feeling beautiful. Along with promoting beautiful, healthy-looking skin, ‘Massage’ also promotes relaxation, improved concentration, sleep and feelings of renewal and happiness! Massage has also been shown to have health benefits including relieving migraine pain, reducing the frequency of headaches and reducing stress hormones associated with the onset of diabetes, high

blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, depression, anxiety and auto immune disease.

Believing firmly in the lifetime benefits derived from stimulating the circulation everyday, in the late 1800s, Thomas Luzier brought the philosophies of the salon facial into the warmth and comfort of our own homes. The unique Luzier Facial begins at night with a Cleansing and Conditioning Massage and is completed in the morning after 7-9 hours of “beauty sleep.” 

The Luzier Massage is a 100 year old ‘Self Facial Massage’ created by Thomas Luzier at the turn of the century. The Luzier Massage is a simple 5 minute massage focused on eight areas of the face and neck that utilizes the warmth and pressure of your own hands to stimulate the circulation. 

All Luzier Nighttime Cleansers and Conditioners have been especially formulated for a firm, invigorating massage. Blended with super silky ingredients, these skin care products allow your fingertips to glide effortlessly without pulling or tugging on delicate skin tissue. 

Today, with a commitment to the USA, we still manage the business and manufacture our products in Missouri. As of 2002, we have been proud to operate as a women-owned and women-run business, loyally taking the Luzier vision into the next hundred years. 

Luzier continues to receive the praise of our customers. Their confidence and joy have become the Luzier story…

When you look good, you feel good.

When you feel good, you improve the well-being of everyone around you.

When you improve the well-being of everyone around you,

           You make the world a better place!

When you use Luzier, you join a legacy of beauty, peace and happiness.


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Kathleen Craven Grissom            

 Chairwoman & CEO